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Full service. In-house product design and branding.

Custom Product Design + Sourcing

Girvin Marketing works closely with our clients to design unique products that meet their branding needs, budgets and distribution. Our in-house team of designers can create products from scratch with experience in both print, packaging and product designs. The design process is just the beginning and without production knowledge a beautiful design can fall flat if it can't be effectively produced to meet a clients branding and budget. Our team has that knowledge.

Bright ideas. Creative solutions. 

Warehouse + Logistics

Girvin Marketing provides our customers with full service warehousing and shipping services, in-house. We do not out-source these services. Our corporate online stores are managed in-house and all products are stored in our warehouse for quick picking, packing and shipping. We can effectively manage your corporate store programs without the added costs and delays of using outside fulfillment companies like so many of our competitors do.

Bright ideas. Creative solutions. 

Company Stores

Girvin Marketing will manage all aspects of creating a company store program. Our team designs and develops the website, sources the quality products that best represent your brand and budgets, holds product inventory in our warehouse and manage order processing, fulfillment and invoicing. A single effective solution all in-house. Our ability to handle all aspects of your company store in-house means you get way more value. A proven approach that our clients love.

Bright ideas. Creative solutions.


Fulfillment + Kitting Services

Girvin Marketing offers custom fulfillment and kitting in-house. We will package your products, gift wrap and even hand write individual notes for each product being shipped. A branded product is great but when you deliver it in custom packaging with personal notes and other touches, it's special. You get more value with our ability to quickly add on these finishing touches to your projects without needing to reply on outside services. We handle these details all in-house.

Bright ideas. Creative solutions.

Search Promotional Products

At times our clients prefer to browse promotional products at their own leisure and we offer a valuable resource with thousands of available products. Our resource is great for brainstorming, research and comparing product pricing and ideas.

If you find a product you like, let us know and we produce a product proof with your branding and give you accurate pricing based on your project and decoration methods.

Browse. Search. Have fun looking.